Computer Diagnostics 
and Repair 
 Unable to start up your computer? Blue screen errors? No internet connection? 
Is your network down? 
No matter what your computer problem is, whether it’s a hardware or software failure, I have the tools, knowledge, and experience to accurately identify and quickly repair your computer.
Computer Virus, Trojans and Worms 
Common maliscious computer programs that run on your computer. Designed to damage or change your information and programs. They can vary in nature from allowing unauthorized access to your files through to completely disabling your  computer.  
Typically transfered through emails, but also chat rooms and websites can place viruses on a computer. 
A Trojan is one program that is pretending to be another program it does not replicate itself. A Worm installled on a computer will try to copy itself to all your contacts. A Virus copies itself over and over again inside your machine, infecting files and programs. 
I can install Anti-Virus software on your computer to protect and remove viruses from your computer.
Computer Tune Up 
Over time computers can become slow and unreliable. The slow down occurs gradually, so you may not notice the loss of performance at first. I can restore your computers performance and improve its reliability. 
My Tune Up Checklist for Windows will restore performance on across many platforms.
Spyware Removal 
Spyware is a computer program that runs in the background and collects information about the user or users of the computer. It then sends the collected information out on the computers internet connection to a third party.  
Spyware is generally associated with malicious behaviour and is similar to a "Trojan Horse" because computer users install the software unknowingly. 
I can install Anti-Spyware software on your computer that will remove known spyware and help protect your computer from the threat of imminent spyware.
Computer Training  
and Support 

I can show you how to use your computer, your programs and explain computer terminology in everyday terms.
Setup A New Computer 
Just got a new computer system? 
Leave it in the box and give me a call. I will setup your computer and other devices for you.  
I can transfer your files to the new computer and personalize it.
Data Backup and Recovery 
Loosing your files and settings can happen in many ways, from accidental deletion to failure of your hard drive. I can help you set up a backup plan to suit your needs. 
If you still suffer loss of data I can help with restoring from your backups, or recovering information from failed drives or media. 
I am able to recover files even if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT/MTF, or root directory is lost or damaged. 
I can restore files that was lost due to a virus attack, power failure that caused a system crash, software failure, or accidentally deleted.
Computer Hardware Installation 
Whether you need more speed or want to add a DVD burner, I can help. 
CD/DVD ROMs, CPU, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, Memory, Modems, Monitors, Motherboard, Network Cards, PCI Card, Power Supply, Printer, Sound Cards, Video Cards, Router, Scanner, TV/TV Box, And other related device.